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United athle

Probably the best blanks brand in the world

One of the questions we were continually asked by both nascent and existing brands was where could they source premium heavyweight jersey blanks.

The market for blanks in Europe over the last 20 years or so has been driven by economies of scale but in exchange for low prices the larger brands have given up too much in quality and construction.     

Poor fits and bad quality cotton and manufacturing led to t-shirts losing colour, shrinking or neck ribs becoming misshapen so garments were often only good for a few wears.    

We believed that there was a gap in the market for those, like us, that refuse to accept mediocrity.

In our worldwide search we turned to Japan which has long been a bastion of quality and craftsmanship.  In a market of the highest standards there was one brand that leads the pack. Since 1939 United Athle have excelled in heavyweight jersey.

Their extensive range of styles and unparalleled level of quality made them our go-to supplier.

Although rarely available outside of Japan after much persuasion we managed to secure the exclusive distribution rights.

With weights of tees varying from 5.6oz to 9.1oz they have
specialised in US influenced heavyweight jersey in colours and fits that have attracted Japanese streetwear brands to make them their blank of choice for over 50 years.